A Girls Body Language deciphered - Know Exactly How She Feels About You

Published: 12th September 2009
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Women speak to us men in a subconscious hidden language all the time.' Most men have no clue how to read a girls body language or all the things a woman is saying to him with her body language but if you can learn to decipher her body language it will tell you exactly what she thinks and where to lead her.

The first thing to look for is eye contact.' If a woman makes prolonged eye contact with you she is interested in you.' Women will often get anxious or fidgety when her eyes encounter someone she is attracted to.' You will also notice her pupils will expand when in close quarters.' This is another sign that she is attracted to you.

Quick Note:' Never stare as it freaks w0men out but do look at her self assuredly and always smile and let her be the first to look away.

Women will also show you signs of attraction by flipping her hair from one side to another.' This is a sign that' she likes you as well.' You will also catch her playing with her hair running her fingers thru it or twirling it around her finger as she mischievously looks at you.' If you see this it is time to go say hello.

Another quick note:' If a woman smiles at you during eye contact, go speak to her right away.' She is interested.

If you're at a club or a bar and a song come on that she appears to like, if she is interested in you she will stare at you while she playfully sings or dances to her song.' If you know how to read a girls body language then you know this is a sign that she wants you to come speak to her, and this is easy you just go tell her you cant let her have all that fun by herself and ask to dance with her.

Nothing shows fascination like the power of physical touch.' If she constantly touches you when talking with you or makes any kind of repetitive physical contact like touching your hand or holding your hand or even whispering in your ear or just talking in close quarters then you know she is highly interested in you.

If you gain knowledge of how to read a girls body language you will be miles ahead of all the other guys as this skill will allow you to pick up lots of women anytime you want and make them feel as if you are reading their mind.' Women love it when they feel like you have figured them out.' It drives them crazy!

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